Michigan and the art of magic have a long and rich history — a history that is at least as old as Michigan's statehood. The first known magic performance in Michigan was reported in the October 30, 1837 edition of the Detroit Free Press. The paper announced the appearance of "Monsieur Blanc" at the Detroit Museum. Nothing else is known about Monsieur Blanc or his performance, but it was the first act in a long and colorful performance of magic in the state.

Over the next 175 years, Michigan would play host to most of the great names of magic. Michigan can claim to be the home — and in some cases — final resting place of many well known magicians. Michigan can also claim Colon, a small town in the southwest corner of the state, that rightfully holds the title "Magic Capital of the World."

Other Cities of Interest

Ann Arbor – Short Run Capital
Colon – Magic Get Together
Colon – Lakeside Cemetary
Detroit – Belle Isle Bridge
Detroit – The Death of Harry Houdini
Detroit –  Houdini, Ford and John Wilkes Booth
Marshall –  American Museum of Magic


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