An ultra-short run book printing is generally defined as a limited printing of 500 copies or less. How is short run printing relevant to magic, you ask? Well, most books about magic are ultra-short or short run books and Ann Arbor, Michigan is a leading producer of short run books in the country. In fact, Ann Arbor has been called the “Short Run Book Capital of the United States.” Magician authors from all over the country came to Ann Arbor to arrange the printing of their books. Stewart James, a prolific magic inventor, came from Courtright, Ontario to have his book published. Among the largest magic books ever published, the book is titled Stewart James In Print: The First Fifty Years.

Other Cities of Interest

Ann Arbor – Short Run Capital
Colon – Magic Get Together
Colon – Lakeside Cemetary
Detroit – Belle Isle Bridge
Detroit – The Death of Harry Houdini
Detroit –  Houdini, Ford and John Wilkes Booth
Marshall –  American Museum of Magic


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