Gene Anderson (May 21, 1941 –  )


Gene AndersonThe Torn and Restored Newspaper is a trick developed and mastered by Gene Anderson, a magician famous for his performance using only newspapers. In fact, he literally wrote the book on the subject called Newspaper Magic. Professional fans of Anderson’s Torn and Restored Newspaper studied with Gene and the trick was featured by illusionist Doug Henning. Although Gene grew up in Minnesota, he has spent most of his years in Midland, Michigan because of his 32-year career with Dow Chemical. In Midland, Gene worked as a chemist and development scientist at Dow Chemical by day, and by night, he became a magical wizard. A believer that magic is more commercial than creative, Gene told The Linking Ring in 1987:

“Magic is much more than just doing tricks. It involves a keen sense of marketing and a magical program that has been clearly thought out. Magicians know far too many tricks. A wise magician was once asked, “How many tricks do you know?” He replied, “I know only ten tricks, but I do them well.”

Anderson coined the term “part-time professional” to describe a person who performs magic professionally, but has a full-time day job. Weekends were when magic could be the top priority and those weekends were when Gene developed his stand-up act. While Anderson developed his act outside of his professional job, he did later find opportunities within the firm to perform as part of his global responsibilities. As a result, he has professionally performed magic on six different continents. Gene has been awarded a number of first-prize trophies in magic competitions for stage comedy, close-up, and originality. He was also nominated for two Academy Awards by the Academy of Magical Arts: The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.


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